Chiropractic is a branch of healing that deals with the health of the nerves. We find that bones can slightly move out of the proper position and irritate or press on a nerve. Therefore, we use various methods to move the bones to release the pressure or irritation on the nerve.

Physical Therapy & More

The office has a variety of physical therapy modalities that can used, including the AcuTrac 3D Decompression Table, which is a wonderful treatment for herniated discs. The Family Chiropractic Clinic of Hillsborough is one of the few practices that evaluate physiological leg length and use heel lifts if needed, which can help relieve a lifetime of pain. They also use orthotics and braces if needed.


Pet cats and dogs have subluxations that can irritate nerves and cause pain, and affect organ function and benefit from adjustments, just as people do.Both Drs. are VOM Certified and can adjusts pets after receiving a vet's prescription. The size of the animal affects how the adjustment are made. For example, adjustments can be done with finger touches or an Arthrostim. Infrared can be done also. Most dogs and cats really enjoy the process.


A subluxation is a bone out of the correct position that is irritating or applying pressure on a nerve.


An adjustment is when the Doctor moves the bone into the correct position to relieve the nerve irritation or pressure and the resulting pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, swelling etc.

A Technique is the method of adjusting that the Doctor uses to correct the bone position. We fit the technique to the patient’s needs and condition. We may use several techniques on a patient, and we may change the technique over time to meet the patient’s new needs and condition.

Disc Decompression

Spinal Disc Decompression with the revolutionary 3D AcuTrac is the state of the art treatment for the spine and discs. It is a NON-surgical, NON-invasive treatment, SAFE and Effective. The 3D AcuTrac combines traction, decompression and 3D movement all in one device. It allows us to position each patient perfectly for his or her unique problem. Since the Spine moves in many directions it only makes sense that the table does too. After just one treatment on the 3D AcuTrac patients have reported less pain and more mobility. Disc Decompression technology gently relieves the pressure in the spinal discs to promote healing in the tissues of the spine over the course of the prescribed therapy. Disc Decompression therapy is designed to CORRECT the cause of the problem, not just relieve the symptoms as many other therapy does.

Some of the Techniques used by this office are:

Every person has different sensitivities. If any adjusting technique is uncomfortable, please let us know. We will alter it or change the technique, so it is comfortable for you.

  • Diversified Technique uses some of the best parts of many techniques.
  • Manual Adjusting is adjusting the bone into the correct position by hand. For Adults we use the hand. For children, infants, and some sensitive people, we use fingers. We adjust children with the pressure one would put on their eye. For large muscular people, we use more force and speed.
  • Arthrostim is an electrically operated adjusting tool that uses speed rather than force. We have it on the lowest setting, so it is pleasant to everyone. It can be used on children on up. It is great for patients with fragile osteoporosis. We use it for cranial work too.
  • Motion Palpation is a method of evaluating the movement of the bones to see if they are moving properly.
  • Static Palpation is a method of evaluating the position of the bones to see if they are sitting in the correct position.
  • Gonstead Technique includes evaluating people for anatomical short legs and giving them a heel lift of a few millimeters to correct the spine position from the feet up. It can make a huge difference to people with chronic pain and scoliosis. We also use the Gonstead technique of adjusting only a couple bones for those who need that type of adjusting.
  • Applied Kinesiology is a method of evaluating which direction will give the bone the best adjustment.
  • Koren Specific Technique is a technique of adjusting the spine and cranium with the Arthrostim that has excellent results.
  • Network Technique is a method of teaching the patient to adjust themselves via self-knowledge and reflex points.
  • Activator is a manual tool for adjusting that uses speed instead of force.
  • The best thing about having all these techniques that we can use is that we can fit the adjustment to the patient’s needs, sensitivity, preferences and condition.
  • Weber Technique is an external technique that causes a reflex stimulation that can in some cases turn a breech baby into the correct position for deliver.